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Polycore Shutters May Be The Right Choice For Your Austin Home And Decor

Polycore plantation shutters

There isn't a better option than window shutters when you're ready to add new window treatments to your home. River City Blinds is the best window treatment company in Austin that offers various types of shutters, including polycore shutters.

Polycore shutters present the attractiveness of wood shutters and, like wooden shutters, can assist in controlling light, noise, and your home's temperature. Polycore shutters can be custom-fit, so no matter the size of your windows or the room, our professionals can get them installed.

Some interesting facts about Polycore shutters:

  • They are reinforced with an aluminum core, so they are durable.
  • They're Fire retardant and moisture resistant.
  • Requires, less care than wood will never crack or warp.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Will not be damaged when temperatures change.
  • Will not be succumb to infestation by termites or other pests.
  • Perfect choice for windows in the bathroom or kitchen because they won't be harmed by heat or moisture.

If you are looking for an Austin shutter company that homeowners trust to keep their homes beautiful and cost-efficient, then there isn't any need to look further. Maximize the appearance of your living space in Austin with polycore shutters! Let our window treatment company talk with you about the classic style and distinguished look of any of our window treatment options by scheduling a no-cost consultation.

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